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DuraNet Plus – Quality Control

DuraNet Plus© LLIN products are manufactured in accordance with Shobikaa’s ISO certified quality assurance system. This system ensures that all raw materials, work in process, and finished goods meet our industry leading quality standards. Our quality assurance system includes standard quality control procedures, physical testing and chemical analysis for each of the following areas:

  • Incoming raw materials (analytical testing)
  • Masterbatch production (analytical testing)
  • Yarn production (physical and analytical testing)
  • Fabrication (physical and analytical testing)
  • Finishing (physical and analytical testing)
  • Cutting and sewing (physical testing)
  • Finished goods (physical and analytical testing)

Each shipment of DuraNet Plus© LLIN products includes a Certificate of Analysis (COA) detailing all relevant quality control data.Shobikaa Impex Private Limited has state of the art laboratory facilities which are dedicated to Quality Control testing of all DuraNet Plus© production. The following testing is carried out periodically in order to guarantee the superior quality of Dura Net Plus© LLIN.

  • Denier: The yarn denier is checked constantly to ensure uniformity of the monofilament yarn produced.
  • Fabric Weight: The weight in Grams per square meter (GSM) of the fabric is being checked regularly using a GSM cutter and balances, to maintain the required GSM in the mosquito net fabric.
  • Net Dimensions: The dimensions of the LLIN nets are checked daily, so that any deviation in size will be found, and corrected.
  • Active Ingredient with Synergist : The presence of active ingredient – Alphacypermethrin with Piperonyl butoxide in Dura Net Plus© is checked by chemical analysis, using the latest GC – Gas Chromotography equipment from Agilent Technologies. Each batch of Fabric will be taken to the sewing production unit only if it passes the Chemical analysis testing. This guarantees our DuraNet Pus© LLIN will always meet the required specification for Alphacypermethrin which is 6.0 gm/kg +/- 25% and Piperonyl butoxide is 2.2 gm/kg +/- 25%.
  • Fabric Strength: The bursting strength of DuraNet Plus© is tested on a daily basis with specialized equipment.
  • Internal Quality Control Team: Our Internal Quality control audit team is continually monitoring all the above parameters to meet all of the DuraNet Plus© specifications.
  • SIPL has CRISIL and ISO certification.
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