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Strength of bed nets as function of denier, knitting pattern, texturizing and polymer“,Ole Skovmand and Rune Bosselmann. Malaria Journal 2011, 10:87

Background Bursting strength is a standard method for evaluating mosquito net strength. This article suggests that a tension strength method using one grab and one hook better represents how holes are generated in bed nets in real life and thus better predicst actual net resistance to tearing than up untill now used bursting strength measure. The standardized method is supposed to mimic situations where a net gets caught on a pointed object while being pulled, e.g. a nail on a bedframe when the net is taken down for the day.

The results showed a greater difference in strength between multifilament and monofilament than observed using standard bursting strength. This may help to explain differences in durability between the different LLIN type as observed in the field. The explanation is likely that the fine polyester filaments break one at the time when exposed to this kind of uneven and focused strain. The data generated by the CITEVE institute showed the polyethylene net Duranet© (Clarke) is likely the net best resisting tearing while the polyester net Interceptor (BASF) is least tear resistant. When comparing the field of WHOPES recommended nets, the polyethylene nets resist a force that is 2.5 times greater than that a polyester net can be subjected before breaking at the mesh.

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